Lucknow: The Rashtriya Lok Dal on Saturdya alleged that the opposition parties have "hijacked" Parliament and debates on important issues were not taking place due to it.

"The situation is that Parliament has been hijacked literally. Important issues on which debate should be held, like Land Acquisition Bill, are pending because there is no discussion in the house," National general secretary of Rashtriya Lok Dal Jayant Chaudhary told reporters here.

He said that opposition's work was to put forth its view and let the government do its job.

"Now the politics is of stalemate... if it becomes the prime objective of the opposition, then it will be difficult," he said.

He said that if opposition wants a discussion on the issue of FDI, it should go forward. "But the policy decision government has taken...if you think that there should be vote on every policy decision and accordingly it is reversed then it is not possible," Chaudhary said.

"On the FDI issue, I will say that let us watch what situation emerges. State governments have been given free hand. Provisions have been made in the policy for local industry and how new job opportunities are created," he said.

"The question is that any decision which benefits the local producer, which are farmers and small and medium industries and consumers get benefit, I don't consider it practical to oppose such decision," the RLD leader said.

On the issue of Harit Pradesh, Jayant said that his party was in favour of small states and had raised the issue in Parliament.

"Our struggle will continue, but in democracy it is not possible that if you are in the government you twist things accordingly," he said.

When asked about the fixing of cane prices, he said there was no reason for the delay in taking decision on the matter. Chaudhary said that the SP government has failed on the expectation of the people with which they voted it to power.

"I am not satisfied with the working of the government. It has not fulfilled expectations of the people. Neither the corruption has reduced nor law and order situation improved," he said.

The RLD leader said that the party has launched a membership campaign in the state and this time verification of new members would also be done.


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