The sharp rise in the number of road accident deaths should become a matter of national concern. It is very unusual and unfortunate that every year, over one lakh people die in fatal accident on states and national highways. Over 1.30 people were killed in the road accidents in 2010. Shockingly, the number of deaths is directly proportional to the construction of roads in the country. The reasons for road accidents are not a puzzle to solve, but no authority whether it is the local administration, state government or the Central Government is taking any immediate and effective measures to contain the death numbers. The condition is terrible at a time when the country has less number of vehicles in comparison to the developed and the developing countries. Generally, the poor condition of roads, reckless driving and encroachments are the reasons behind the road deaths. These problems can easily be addressed but lackadaisical attitude of the administration in constructing the highways and their maintenance are the main hurdles. Several cases of irregularities in awarding contract have come to light. Construction of roads and highways are moving at turtle speed. Nobody seems to be accountable whether the construction of roads is going on the required pace or not? Ironically, the roads need maintenance work soon after their construction.

On the one hand, the road transport has increased exponentially in the country, while on the other recklessness in the safety measure has also increased in the same proportion. Unfortunately it is occurring on the every front whether it is overloading of vehicle or unskilled drivers or encroachment on the roads. Roads especially highways require additional safety measures. It is being seen that highways are creating several hurdles. Toll tax barriers erected on the highways waste lakhs of litres of fuel every year. It seems that our policy makers do not want to solve this problem. Undoubtedly, the reason behind this is the flaws in the policies for toll tax collection. The Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry along with state governments should devise the concrete measures to lessen the road accidents.