"All procedures have been simplified. There is an exit policy, there is a hybrid model and so on. Various options of flexibility are there in the sector," he said after the meeting of stakeholders here.

As a result, he added, the government has already awarded 6,800 kilometres of highway projects and by March this figure will go up to 10,000 kilometres.

There are a large number of contractors wanting to execute the projects, he said. "And with such large projects being awarded I think it's spiral effect on steel, cement, auto sector and all is goingto take place" Jaitley said.

The success of highway programmes has taken complete stress out of the banking sector and it will additionally contributing to growth rates, he said.

Talking about the meeting of stakeholders involved in the national highways programme, the Finance Minister said that the government, the financial sector, financial services and the contractors who execute projects are all putting their heads together on how to expedite the matter.

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