New Delhi: The Planning Commission’s decision on implementation of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model for infrastructure projects has proved most beneficial to the road transport sector, reveals the June 2011 data of the Commission.

According to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) data on PPP model, at present with an investment of Rs 80,000 crore 141 different PPP models are under progress in different parts of north India.

Out of which, 94 projects are from the road and transport sector, 28 from the urban development, seven related to setting up of power plants and four projects of education and tourism sectors respectively. Three health sector projects on the PPP model are also under progress.

Among the north Indian states, Rajasthan has succeeded in getting the maximum PPP with a total of 41.2 percent, whereas Punjab (23 percent), Uttar Pradesh (12.2 percent), Haryana, (9.5percent) and Delhi (8.1 percent) has followed a similar track.

A total of 748 projects are being carried out under the PPP model in the country. South India with a 31 percent participation in the PPP model tops the list. 18.8 projects of North India and 14 percent in East India are being completed through this model.

JPN/ Bureau