London: Singer Robbie Williams has shaved his graying beard after he was mistaken for an old man.
The 37-year-old star decided to cut the beard he had been growing after a guest mistook him for a man approaching his 60s.
"I had some guests for dinner. One, who didn't know anything about me, was 57. We were talking about skiing and he said, You and I have to be careful at our age. Then he referred again to our age. It's the beard, isn't it? I've trimmed it down," Williams wrote on his blog.
The singer then posted a photo with him sporting a graying goatee.
Williams, who is currently working on his solo album, said that he had finished writing the lyrics for several new tracks and is confident the new record is going to be a hit.
"I wrote everything I needed to finish, aren't I a good boy? I know I like blanket statements about my music but this album is by far my most consistent. We have an embarrassment of riches where singles are concerned - happy days," he added.