London: Robbie Williams is solo again after leaving his former band 'Take That' a second time following their reunion last year.
Gary Barlow has revealed that Williams has now left the band once more, confirming Take that is a four-piece again, daily reported.
"It was beautiful. We got on well. We finished the tour. We're all happy. The fans have come along and been happy. Great, great, great, great, great. Now Rob's doing a solo record, and from this point it's back to where it was," Barlow told the Radio Times.
The 40-year-old added that Take that’s revival as a five-man band "ended perfectly".
"You know what; we can revisit it whenever we want. He's our brother, Rob is, and if he's ever in trouble or he wants to have a year off being Robbie Williams, he's welcome any time he wants."
‘Take That’ announced in 2010 that they would be performing their first tour as a complete group, Progress Live 2011, for 16 years.
Williams first left the band after a fight with Barlow in 1995. Talking about the pair's well-publicised differences in the past, Barlow said, "It would be unfair for me to say he's the one with the ego because I've got a pretty big ego as well.
"And especially in those younger days when I was 24 and he was 20, but then you come back - I was 38 and he was 34 - and it's like 'Let's talk this through'."
However, there is unclarity on the topic despite Barlow's comments as a spokesperson for 'Take That' said the current line-up of the group was simply on "a break".