London: Hollywood hunk Robert Pattinson jumped at the chance to work in the movie ‘Water for Elephants’ as the actor thinks he has an ‘old fashioned body’.

The 24-year-old star who plays a young vet in the movie opposite Reese Witherspoon has always wanted to work in a 1930's film and was astonished at how well he suited the costumes, reported a website.

"I must have an old-fashioned body or something, as the clothes suited me better than regular ones. I always wanted to do a movie that was set in the 1930s as I love the clothes they wore. And then this came along," he said.

He enjoyed working with the Oscar winning co-star and. "When you meet people who have won an Oscar, you think they're going to be off in their own little world, but Reese was incredibly kind and supportive," Pattinson said.