New Delhi: Bollywood blockbuster Trishul, depicting the story of an estranged youth whose mother was abandoned by his biological father, had hit the silver screen over three decades back. Rohit Shekhar’s story is quite similar to the story of Vijay, the character played by superstar Amitabh Bachchan in that film.

Rohit is jubilant after being declared as a biological son of veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari, but at the same time he says that his fight to get his parental rights is still incomplete as besides getting rights to use his father’s title, there are so many other legal rights which he has yet to claim.

Rohit won a prolonged legal battle on Friday when Delhi High Court declared him ND Tiwari’s biological son on the basis of DNA report.  He says that after winning his rights, he feels relived as he would keep himself silent whenever he was asked about his father.

Rohit is a big fan of superstar Amitabh Bachchan and he claims to have watched his almost all the movies. He also says that he was deeply inspired by the character of Vijay in film Trishul which was played by Amitabha Bachchan.

Expressing his views on calling the children illegal who are abandoned by their biological fathers, Shekhar said, “ND Tiwari is my illegitimate father, I am not his illegitimate son. How can an innocent newly born kid be illegitimate.”

Recalling Amitabh’s dialogue in the film Trishul delivered in front of Sanjeev Kumar, who was in the role of Amitabh’s father- “you are my illegal father”- Shekhar says that he felt the dialogue was delivered by him in front of ND Tiwari.
Shekhar is bent on getting all his legal rights. Recalling his childhood, Rohit says that he would feel ashamed and get angry at his mother for being told about his father. He would accuse her of spoiling his life. But now he feels relaxed and says that veteran Congress leader will have to pay for the injustice which his mother has suffered.


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