With the official launch of Wraith in UK, India is said to be one of the earliest markets to get the high end automotive product. It will be the fastest and most powerful car of Rolls Royce to hit the roads.

The Wraith is powered by a 6.6-litre TwinTurbo V12 engine, which can generate 624 BHP of power and the torque stands at an impressive figure at 800Nm. It’s been learnt that the Wraith can accelerate up to the speed of 0-100 km per hour in 4.6 seconds, powered by an eight-speed automatic transmission, which boosts up all the four wheels.

The Wraith has several features similar to that of Rolls Royce Ghost, which is largely based on the BMW 7 series. The company has tested the car extensively in order to ensure that it stands tall in terms of sportiness.

Advanced features have been incorporated into the car as well, for example, the suspension receives inputs from Global Positioning System (GPS) device regarding the approaching terrain and brings change into its mode accordingly. Beside, the car’s interior is a beautiful fusion of soft Phantom-grade leathers and wood veneers, which resemble a luxury yacht.

This marvellous piece of automotive beauty was launched in United Kingdom at 2,35,000 pounds, which is equal to Rs 2.21 crore and the 100 percent import duty on the car will make it costlier at Rs 4.5 crores.