Ronaldo’s new hairdo was an attempt to match the scar of a young boy who underwent brain surgery to remove a brain tumour, according to the story ubiquitous on Twitter.

The Portugal captain’s zigzag patterned shave on one side of his head was actually a tribute to a young boy from Spain Erik Ortiz Cruz, who underwent a surgery last week. It has been reported that all the cost of this boy’s surgery was also paid by Ronaldo.

It is reported that Ronaldo paid a 50,000 pound medical bill for the little boy’s brain surgery.

Although, there is no concrete proof of a direct relation between Ronaldo’s new hairdo and the boy but it is on the records that the same little boy underwent a brain surgery couple of months back.

Most of the die-hard Ronaldo fans are circulating the post on Twitter with lots of enthusiasm and zeal.

Meanwhile, a last gasp equalizer by substitute striker Silvestre Varela helped Portugal stay afloat in the World Cup with a 2-2 draw against United States.


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