The show has a wedding sequence going on, in which characters essayed by Ronit and Pallavi Kulkarni, will experience a scary yet funny incident. Ragini (Pallavi) will forget her bag at a venue and Neil (Ronit) decides to accompany her to get it since it is late in the night.

On their way back home, the estranged couple will realise that the tyre of their car is punctured by some nails scattered on the road. While they are stranded on the deserted road, some goons will try to rob the couple of their belongings.

In order to protect Pallavi, Niel will fight with them to protect her.  However, it will not be much of an action sequence, as a comic angle to it will be served when Ragini will ask the goons who they are.

Neil, in a sarcastic yet funny manner, will respond that they are Suresh, Ramesh, Bhavesh and so on. This will lead to an argument between the couple, due to which the goons would get irritated and ask them to stop the husband-wife squabble.

"Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar" is aired on Sony Entertainment Television.



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