Jalandhar: The quality of food served under Mid-Day Meal scheme in Punjab schools has once again drawn flak for the Central government's most popular scheme for school children. The poor quality wheat supplied to majority of government schools in the entire state contains fungus, worms and husks. 

Despite the fact that the budget for Mid Day meal was increased by Rs 22 crores this financial year, the lackadaisical attitude of the government official can be gauged from the fact that rotten food is being supplied to the school kids. A 50 kg sack of wheat contains five kg of husk along with fungus and worm on the grains.

Denying that food supplied for mid day meal is of poor quality, Mid-Day meal Manager, Amarjeet said, “We haven't received any complaint about fungus and worms in grains. Ration has been delivered in all schools. If there are any problems, then they must complain."

Putting the health of the students at risk, the food prepared from rotten grains will be served in primary and Junior high schools of Gorraya, Filhaur, Bhogpur, Nakedar and other districts of the state.

At a time when students in government school are malnourished, their susceptibility to stomach infection increases with the consumption of food prepared from rotten grains.

 “There are chances of having swelling in intestine, vomiting and other serious ailments of stomach," Dr Renu Singh, a local doctor said.

Although ration has been changed at several schools but even the new wheat sacks contain fungus and worms.