Apple's typically cryptic invitation read: "Wish we could say more." It came on a simple black-and-white background dominated by the company's familiar corporate logo.
Apple was expected to unveil larger 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens for iPhones, a move thought to be driven in part by the success of larger devices by rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Tech blog Re/code also reported Apple may introduce its long-awaited smartwatch.
Apple uses its September events to showcase its most important products. The iPhone accounts for half its business and is gaining more prominence as tablet sales falter.
The company that defined the smartphone industry has not introduced a new product since the iPad in 2010. CEO Tim Cook has promised new product categories for 2014. Software chief Eddy Cue has called Apple's product pipeline the best he's seen in decades.
But it remained unclear whether the company has another groundbreaking gadget up its sleeve.
Much of the pre-event speculation has centered on the use of "sapphire" display screens said to be more scratch-resistant. Separately, some suppliers have told Reuters about screen production snags that have raised questions about availability at launch time.
Apple iPhone 6 to have 128 GB internal storage?

The most anticipated smartphone of 2014, Apple iPhone 6, is likely to have 128 GB internal storage capacity, according to the fresh reports.

According to a blog, Apple will be releasing a 128 GB in 5.5 iPhone 6, but the rumoured 4.7 in option will not have the larger capacity. Another website said that the device will be launched on September 19 in 32 and 64GB variants.

iPhone 6 to come with 'one-handed' mode

iPhone 6 may also include a one-handed mode, which will tailor the interface for use with a single hand, allowing better control over the larger device.

According to reports, the iPhone 6 would come in two different sizes - one with 4.7 inch display and another (rumored to be named iPhone 6L) with 5.5 inch display.

The single hand mode is a new feature and would definitely attract customers.

Apple iPhone 6 to have 'Mobile Wallet' feature

Apple Inc is likely to introduce a ‘Mobile Wallet’ feature in its much-awaited iPhone 6 allow users to make secure payments in a store with the touch of a finger.

The agreement includes participation by Visa Inc., MasterCard Inc and American Express Co and will be announced September 9 along with unveiling of the next iPhone, according to the source.

The new iPhone will simplify mobile payment by including a special communication chip, along with a fingerprint recognition reader that debuted on the most recent iPhone, the source said.

24-Karat Gold iPhone 6 already up for pre-order

The official launch of Apple’s rumoured iPhone 6, which was expected to be introdcued in two variants 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch is still awaited. However, luxury accessory maker, Brikk, has already started taking pre-orders for the 24-karat gold iPhone 6.

The official Brikk site displays, the yet to be announced iPhone 6 especially in black and white colour for seams, precious metals for the body, and choice of a diamond-covered or plain Apple logo.

"The Lux iPhone 6 will be released in September or October. It has a thick layer of pure 24-karat yellow gold covering all areas of the iPhone 6," stated the site.

Lux iPhone 6 cost Rs 2,70,000 of the Yellow Gold variant without Diamond logo and Rs 5,29,000 for the Platinum variant with Diamond logo.

"Images and information cannot be guaranteed and is subject to change based on the actual release of iPhone 6 by Apple Corporation," further notes the official Brikk's listing.

HomeKit, HealthKit on new iPhone 6?
The next generation of iPhone 6 will incorporate new software features such as HomeKit, which will help manage connected devices within the home, and HealthKit, a central repository of health data and services.

Apple has been discussing its "HealthKit" data service with health providers and apps developers, people familiar with the discussions say. They said HealthKit, while still nascent, will become the lynchpin in a broader push into mobile and digital healthcare, a fertile field that rivals Google and Samsung are also exploring.
iPhone 6’s Logo might act as a ‘Notifications Light’

The grapevine says that iPhone 6’s logo may act as a notification light. The latest leaked image of the upcoming iPhone 6’s black panel depicts the depression which might hold the notification light.

The leaked image shows a plastic covering in the depression which might release the soft light that we see on the back of Macbook displays. However if the rumour turns true it would be certainly a strange place for notification light.

Usually the smartphones have their notification lights on the front top end of the phone or at the bottom. But Apple seems to plan its notification system in a diverse manner. However it’s difficult to understand the logic as usually one does not keep the smartphone face down.

If this rumour turns out to be true the Apple smartphone users will have to go for a unique way to keep their devices that is upside down to see the notifications pop up.

What iPhone lovers looking for in new series

Apple Inc. is going to launch a new series of iPhone on September 9. How the new iPhone will be different from the earlier iPhones version. Here is what the speculations are doing round the corner on its size, features, display and hardware.

Screen Size:

It is speculated that the phone will have larger displays as it makes sense given their huge popularity in Asian markets and almost standard five-inch to 5.5-inch screens of Android phones. Notably, the iPhone 5 screen is only four inches.

Phone name:

It seems, given the company's recent naming conventions, with major revisions earning a new number (iPhone 4, iPhone 5) and smaller refinements or offshoots getting a letter added(iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S ), the new product will be named iPhone 6.


According to the report iPhone 6 screen would be ‘significantly’ higher in resolution than that of the iPhone 5S (which is 1136 x 640). A resolution of 1704 x 906 would be needed to give a 5.5-inch screen roughly the same pixel density of an iPhone 5, so the expectation becomes least.