Thiruvananthapuram: There is a 'conspiracy' behind the controversy surrounding Jesus Christ and the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), general secretary Prakash Karat said here on Tuesday.

'There is a conspiracy behind this. I wish to repeat what Fidel Castro said to the Catholic community long ago that Christianity has got a 10,000 times more coincidences with Communism than capitalism,' he said.

Karat made the remark while inaugurating the 20th conference of the Kerala unit of the CPI-M.

Since the past few days, Kerala's Marxists have been under attack over issues concerning Christ.

First, a painting of Jesus was placed along with Communist icons at an exhibition titled 'Marx is Correct'.

Then, a look-alike picture of Jesus Christ's 'The Last Supper', portraying Barack Obama flanked by Congress and BJP leaders, was attributed to the CPI-M labour front.

'We are never against religion but we are against religious fundamentalism and terrorism,' stated Karat.

He also defended the government of CPI-M veteran V. Achuthanandan, who was voted out last year.

'The performance of the Achuthanandan government (2006-11) was good. Now baseless charges are being levelled against him. The party will be united against the allegations being levelled against our party and leaders.'

The party conference ends Friday when it would elect its state secretary and state committee.