London: 'Harry Potter' author JK Rowling says that she has never cried over a man like she has swept over Harry Potter.
Rowling, 45, who has announced plans to launch a new interactive website 'Pottermore', said that working on the new virtual project was like reuniting with an ex-boyfriend, reported Femalefirst.
"It's like an ex-boyfriend. I've never cried for a man as I cried for Harry Potter. Now we're casually dating and we have been for two years," said Rowling.
Rowling has also said that she will provide a more detailed explanation of the fictional game 'Quidditch' because she has been approached by so many fans who wish to know about it.
"The number of geeky men who come up to me to argue about 'Quidditch', I'd be a lot richer if I got a quid for everyone. They think it's illogical. I had a speech by
Dumbledore in the first book explaining why it's not illogical, but it never made it in. It will at some point," she said.
'Pottermore' will open to the first million users to register on July 31, the date of 'Harry's birthday, and they will then help to shape the full site which launches in October.