Here are 10 reasons why people love Royal Enfield...

1. People generally don't buy bullet out of necessity they purchase it for a pride. You can check the current waiting period in the nearest showroom.

2. People ride bullet in peace, riders calmly enjoy the ride itself instead of hurrying up to reach their destinations.

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3. Unlike other bike owners, bullet owners form a relationship among them.

4. The bike is powerful, classic, beautiful, stable and over all its distinctive from others.

5. There is a legacy with Royal Enfield which the people love to carry forward and you will surely have your own story of the bike.

6. RE can consistently keep up the speed for a much longer duration than other bike and it talks about the experience, the comfort and the emotions.

7. When ever you drive it on road, people turn to see it after hearing the signature RE thump.

8. If you’re waiting at a traffic signal, you can see many eyes watching your bike and admire the beauty.

9. Others match their T-Shirts with their denims, while RE riders match with the colour of their bike.

10. Generally, the bullet owners don’t trust anyone with their Royal Enfield. It's a very personal collection one can have.

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