Los Angeles: As many as 21 chefs will craft around 10,000 hot and cold canapes at Buckingham Palace following Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding on April 29.

According to a report, the bride and groom did have some say in selection, the majority of the menu has been decided by the queen herself.

The canapes (about 16 per person) will include smoked salmon on beetroot blinis and quail eggs sprinkled with celery salt for the guests.

"A lot of effort goes into planning," a magazine quoted Mark Flanagan, the chief royal chef and Head of Kitchens at Buckingham Palace, as saying.

"We're always conscious of trying to make sure we uphold people's expectations when people come to Buckingham Palace. For many it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, from the kitchen side of things, we want to make sure people leave with great memories,” the chef added.

However, the chef refused to reveal too many details about the cuisine, except for the fact it would be completely British.

"We work with tremendous suppliers. We're constantly updated on what's in season, what's available and when it's coming to us," said Flanagan.

"Our biggest operational challenge (for the reception) will be with the bank holidays being so close together. Getting fresh produce can be difficult around times like that, however, we've already had our conversations with our suppliers to make sure that it will all come together," he added.

The planning may be meticulous, but the chef said: "There is a lot of preparatory work we would love to do in advance, but it's just not possible. Most of the fine detail takes place at the very last minute, when the guests literally come in to the rooms. Only then can we add the final touches. On the day (of the wedding) it will be about double and triple checking everything, making sure nothing is forgotten or left to chance!"