"Sensitive issues regarding the army, sensitive issues regarding this country should not be discussed on television. When you hold a position, you take a vow to keep things secret," Singh told reporters here in direct reference to the former Army chief.

"And I also appeal to journalists that they should not be asking a General of the Army about sensitive issues of this country. I think there should be some restraint on national issues and we should be extremely careful," he added.

VK Singh is under attack over reports that during his tenure attempts were made to topple the Jammu and Kashmir government and that a state minister was paid Rs 1.19 crore from the secret army funds to destabilize the state government.

"There should be some restraint shown by the general as well as the media because these are sensitive issues, these are things that cannot be discussed on television. Anyone who has served in the army, especially on such a top post, should not be talking about these things."

VK Singh said that army funds were also given to a Kashmiri NGO to get the people, especially the youth, of Jammu and Kashmir involved in developmental activities and denied any money was given to topple the state government.

RPN Singh said that the former Army chief cannot talk about what the army does or does not do. "He cannot point fingers at what is being done. It is extremely unfortunate, the Army and the Defence ministry will look into that matter," he said.


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