New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a theft worth Rs 1 crore has been reported in a national bank of Shahdra area in Delhi.
Jewellery worth Rs 50, 000 and Rs 1 crore cash were found missing on September 17 from the bank locker of elderly women in Shahdra area of Delhi.

Shobha Rani (75), holds a locker with Union Bank of India, Shahdra branch.

According to the Bank Manager, the cash and jewellery were withdrawn from the locker against the signature of the locker holder.

But Shabha Rani claims that the signatures are fake and she has not taken any thing out of the locker.

Taking the whole incident lightly the Delhi police who claims strong promises for safeguarding the senior citizen here, has registered the case after the gap of 12 days on September 28.

“As per the bank records the withdrawals have been done after the signatures of the locker holder on December 29 last year” said the police officials.