Mohali: Bookies are flooded with bets on Sachin getting his 100th century against Pakistan at Mohali; estimated Rs 6,000 crore to change hands on big bets.

With just 24 hours left for the mother of all battles in Mohali, bookmakers across the country are gearing up to make the mother of all killings on the semi-final clash.

Not only is the match slated to be a firecracker; the odds set by the bookies are no less volatile. Punters informed that a mammoth Rs 6,000 crore is expected to change hands in the India-Pakistan semi-final clash.

India is slated as favourites at 62 paise, while the Pakistanis are set at Rs 1.58.

However, the odds for the Indian batting line-up and the Pakistan bowling line-up are completely contrast to the result of the match. Bookies speculate that if India wins the toss it will score between 265-275 in the `lambi session'.

On the other hand, Pakistan is expected to score between 310 and 320 after winning the toss. Pakistan's high scoring rate is attributed to India's poor bowling line up.

Also, keeping in mind the fact that the Indian middle-order is capable for crumbling under pressure.

Close watch

A large number of top bookies are headed for Mohali to witness the match and lay bets. It is likely to help them make a better assessment of the situation during the game.

Bookies are also facing a crunch of liquid cash as hundreds of crores are changing hands every day during the world cup. Most of them are paying a little extra to get their quota of cash, which needs to be paid within 24 hours of the match result.

A large number of transactions have already taken place through an army of errand boys and hawala networks. A large number of high profile bookies from Pakistan are planning to 'cut' their bets through Dubai, which is the hub of illegal money transfers during the betting season.

The tally clerks recruited for the match have been asked to report for duty 24 hours before the match as they are not supposed to know in advance where they would be stationed during the match.

When asked about the investigation into the betting syndicate, Joint Commissioner of police (crime) Himanshu Roy, said, "We are keeping a watch."

Ton on ton

All eyes are on the little master's performance in the crunch game that could land India in its third World Cup final. Sachin Tendulkar, who currently has 99 centuries under his belt, will be in the hunt for century number 100 as the Indians take on Pakistan in Mohali on Wednesday.

Having missed out on the three-figure landmark in Ahmedabad, expectations of the little master getting to the record against arch-rivals Pakistan are very high. In fact, bookies have close to Rs 100 crore riding on just the master blaster's century.

The going price on Sachin scoring a century is Rs 4.05, while a half-century will fetch Rs 1.50. Insiders informed that Sachin's century odds are attracting more bets than the match itself.

"With more bets on Sachin scoring a century bookies expect that the turnover from the India-Pakistan match could be between Rs 6,000 and 10,000 crore," a senior bookie told MiD DAY.