New Delhi: Wife of Congress leader Jagadambika Pal has alleged that she lost Rs 1.15 lakh from her checked baggage while travelling to Goa from here.
Snehlata Pal, wife of the Congress MP from Uttar Pradesh's Domariyaganj and Chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Public Undertakings, was travelling to Goa on Air India flight (AI-865) on July 3.
"I had checked-in with two baggage, both having 'priority' and 'fragile' tags on it. When I reached Goa, I noticed that a part of zipper of one of the baggage was broken and Rs 1.15 lakh was missing," she said in a complaint filed with police against the national carrier.
She said she was flying to Goa to assist her husband in his official study visit.
When contacted Pal said, he had already complained to the Air India management about the incident.
"I have already made a complain to Air India CMD Rohit Nandan and he has assured action. But it's really shameful that such incidents happen, airline should take some stern action to stop this as after check-in, the responsibility of baggage is of the airlines," Pal told.
Sometime back, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi's mobile was stolen but it was recovered later.    

Air India did not respond to the text messages enquiring about the incident.
Delhi airport operator DIAL in a statement said, "DIAL was approached by Air India's security team regarding the baggage of Mrs Pal.
"The relevant footage from DIAL's security cameras has been handed over to Air India for their further investigation," a DIAL spokesperson said.


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