Jhajjar: In order to tighten the noose on the clinics illegally involved in female foeticide, the Haryana government has given a call to the common masses for their contribution in getting rid of the social menace. Along with the government system in place, the common man has been asked to keep a check on clinics facilitating sex determination and abortion of the foetus.

Anyone who doubts the clinic to be involved in such practices should inform the matter directly to the District Commissioner or civil surgeon on phone and if the information is found to be true, the informer will be rewarded a cash prize of Rs 20,000 without revealing his identity.

The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) has already issued circulars to civil surgeons in this regard. While, Rs 40,000 have also been allotted to the civil surgeons for the distribution of the prize money, the promotional material to connect the public with the plan will be prepared within a week.

NRHM Director Pradeep Kumar said, “The government has been running awareness campaign since long to prevent abortion of the female foetus but those involved in the heinous crime are still out of the reach. Therefore the government has planned to award the informers.”

According to Pradeep, it will not be easy for the clinics to carry out fetal ultrasound tests and abortion as thousands of people will keep a watch on their nefarious designs.  He added, “We will also ensure the safety of the informers as their identity will be kept secret with only the District Commissioner and the civil surgeon knowing about it.”