Banda: Taking a giant leap for visible improvement in the poverty ridden Bundelkhand region, a time period of eight months has been fixed to spend an enormous amount of Rs 3,100 crore for various projects in the region.

In a meeting held at Circuit House, Mawai on Thursday, Agricultural Production Commissioner Alok Ranjan released an action plan to District Magistrates of seven districts under the Bundelkhand region for various projects to boost up agriculture and animal husbandry.

Since, a sum of Rs 500 crore has been spent for relief operations in the vulnerable region in the last decade, an extravagant expenditure of Rs 3100 crore in barely eight months is questionable.

Portable water Projects worth Rs 20 crore have been announced for each area in the region reeling under extreme shortage of drinking water. Also, a sum of Rs 400 crore has been devoted to develop Canal System for Watershed Project and irrigation.

The Commissioner is keen on keeping no qualms over spending money to enhance milk production and provide better breeds of animals as an amount of Rs 6 crore has been fixed for this purpose.

To bring about a Green Revolution in the region, 10 types of educational courses will be introduced in the Manyawar Sri Kanshiramji University of Agriculture and Technology making it the biggest varsity of its type in the country.

Addressing the reporters after the meeting, Ranjan said, “There is an acute water shortage in the region. We have sanctioned project worth Rs 200 crore to provide water for the fields out of which Rs 126 crore will be used for the command area and Rs 74 crore will be utilised by the Irrigation Department.  We have also taken care of horticulture in the plan with special focus on amla and guava production.”