Mumbai,Feb03 (Agencies): About 12,500 copies of books on and by Mahatma Gandhi worth Rs 3.6 lakh were sold within six days at an exhibition here, prompting the organisers to claim that despite violence, terrorism and crime, Gandhi books are inspiring people all over.
The exhibition was held to mark the 63rd death anniversary of the Mahatma.
'An Autobiography' of Mahatma Gandhi and a set of five important books, 'Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi' were the top-selling books at the exhibition.
About 3,200 copies of 'Gandhi's Autobiography' and 110 sets of 'Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi' were sold. Most of those who frequented the stall were youngsters, organisers,Mumbai Sarvodaya Mandal & Gandhi Book Centre, said.
To commemorate Gandhiji's death anniversary, 200 books on and by Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave were displayed and sold at 50 per cent discount with financial assistance from 'Babulnath Mandir Charities.
In the present context of increasing violence, terrorism and crime, the Autobiography and other books of Mahatma Gandhi are inspiring many people all over the world, they said.

 This year, over 3.5 lakh copies of 'Story of My Experiments with Truth', an autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, in 15 Indian languages have been sold by Navjivan Trust.
After reading Gandhi books, many people, even prisoners have decided to follow the path of truth and non-violence and are practicing peaceful conflict resolution which is the need of the hour.