New Delhi: Amidst the raging controversy the Tatra truck deals, the army is once again caught on the wrong footing. Allegations of a massive food scam worth Rs 360 crore have surfaced in the army.

The incident came to the fore in an internal audit report of the Defence Ministry. According to the report, massive irregularities have been discovered relating to food served to army personnel.

The audit report says there are 12 lakh soldiers in the army but food expenses have been shown for feeding 14 lakh soldiers in the last decade.  The report further reveals that while 4 lakh soldiers took the payment for food expenses, 10 lakh soldiers were fed in the last ten years. Meanwhile, recommendations of investigation into the scam have been made.

Already mired in controversy, the incident may further dent the army’s credibility. Fingers may also be raised both on the government and the Army Chief. Moreover, the Opposition has got another opportunity to hit out at the Centre.