Bhopal: An amount of Rs 4500 crore has already been deposited in the accounts of farmers in Madhya Pradesh after they sold wheat at a concessional rates to the state government. Not only this 36,48,000 metric tonne of wheat has also been safely stored in the godowns.

Besides, the state government has also made continuous efforts for storage of wheat in warehouses.

In the early phase of this season, the aim of buying 35 lakh metric tonne wheat was increased to 40 lakh metric tonne under the Support Value Plan against which 40 lakh 64 thousand metric tonne wheat has already been purchased.

With the hike in wheat supply, efforts are being made towards ensuring proper arrangement of warehouses to store the supplied wheat.

Senior officials in the Public Supply Corporation are ensuring that wheat supply to outskirt areas is taking place properly. Till date, already 36,48,000 metric tonne wheat have been transported through both road and railways and stored in the godowns.