Organised by Muslim Rashtriya Manch, an affiliate of RSS, the iftar party here would be a much bigger affair this time. It has also asked its members to hold small Iftar parties across the country.
"The aim is to tell the world about Indian-ness, helping people from all communities live in peace and harmony...India is a ray of hope and peace for the Muslim world," RSS leader and patron of the Manch Indresh Kumar said.
"Rashtriya Muslim Manch has urged members to host small Iftar parties by inviting people from all communities and spreading the message of brotherhood ," he also said.
Citing holy scriptures, he said even the Prophet has said that whenever he felt disturbed, he felt spiritual waves of peace and love coming from the east and referred to 'Hindustan' and that the day will come, when the message of peace and love will flow from Bharat.
"Charity begins at home...all should live in harmony and help make the country free of riots and the world including India free from violence including terrorism," he said in his appeal to the minority community members.
Indresh Kumar also said that he has urged the community members to plant a sapling to curb pollution and bring home the holy sapling (Tulsi) at home and worship it, saying it is referred to as "Rehan, also called the 'plant of heaven' in holy Quran".
The RSS leader said there should be no discrimination in slogans in favour of the country, irrespective of the language used, and said people should break free from the shackles of communalism to avoid spreading hatred in humanity.
The Manch had organised a similar Iftar party for some diplomats in Delhi, but this time it is being organised on a bigger scale. He said that invites to diplomats of 35 to 40 Muslim nations and some others have been sent.       

The MRM was formed in 2002 as a platform for Muslims at the initiative of RSS with the aim of bringing the two communities together.

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