Neemuch (MP): Known for his RSS bashing, Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Thursday alleged that the organization gives training in making bombs. He told reporters that he was saying this on the basis of incidents that had taken place in the state in the past.

Singh said when BJP was in power in Madhya Pradesh in 1992, a bomb had exploded here in the office of the RSS' Seva Bharati and one person was killed in it.
When the case in this connection was reopened after the Congress came to power in 1993, the Principal of a saffron-run school in Khargaon was arrested, he said.
The Congress General Secretary said after a blast in Mhow in the state in 2004 those arrested had said that they were given training by RSS in bomb making. He said the BJP always supports fundamentalist organizations.

Earlier, Digvijay Singh accused Narendra Modi, RSS and BJP of spreading "blatant lies" and painting him as "anti Hindu".

Maintaining that he is a "good practising Hindu", the Congress general secretary said that it was his duty to stand up to all "falsehood the sanghis and their paid professionals are spreading" against Muslims, Christians and other minority groups.

"BJP's Hindutva has nothing to do with religion but a ploy to dupe unsuspecting Hindus..... A good Hindu would always respect all other religion unlike the sangh brigade," he said in his blog.

"Would all those who believe I am anti-Hindu please take note of this ?... Or do they know a more devout Hindu in BJP and RSS? If they do I would like to meet him," he said in the blog while giving a number of references to his association with the Hindu Sanatan Dharma.

"I have the rare privilege to be the most abused person on social media by the sanghis and the paid professionals hired by Modi operating from sanskar dham in Manipur Sanand near Ahmedabad. I have been called Dogvijaya Singh some time Pigvijaya Singh by the above mentioned 'gang' who would probably be younger than my grandchildren! "Some time I am supposed to have converted to Islam and some time to Christianity. Blatant lies which the sanghis are taught to spread during their training as their Pracharaks. But I don't blame them or their parents but blame the sanskar imbibed in them at sanskar dham or at RSS shakhas," Singh said.


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