New Delhi: In yet another instance of growing feud within BJP and the Sangh Parivar, an article in a RSS mouthpiece has criticised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his style of functioning and also indicated that the party has several other Prime Ministerial candidates.

The article, which figures in the latest issue of 'Panchajanya,' says it is being felt that Modi needs to do a rethink about his style of functioning and organizational capabilities.

"The role of Narendra Modi in the Sanjay Joshi episode at BJP's national executive meeting in Mumbai is worth pondering over," the article states.

Modi had insisted that he will attend the conclave only if his betenoire Sanjay Joshi resigns from BJP national executive. The party bowed to his demand.

The article further points out that it is a mystery why Modi, a staunch believer of the Sangh ideology, could not deal with his anger towards his fellow RSS worker Joshi.

"By making the presence of Sanjay Joshi at the BJP national executive a prestige issue, why did he (Modi) give the media an opportunity to spread misinformation about the Sangh and BJP?" the article said.

In a dig at Modi's Prime Ministerial ambitions, the article also states that BJP has several chief ministers and central leaders who are capable of being its Prime Ministerial candidate and hence the decision on this matter should be made after the general elections.

"It is not unnatural for several workers of the BJP to have confidence and ambitions in their mind for the prime minister's post as their is no doubt that chief ministers of several states, along with several faces of the central leadership, have the capability and competence for the Prime Minister's post...," the article said.

The article, however, goes on to state that since BJP's organisational structure is democratic, the present constitutional formation demands that after the election results are declared the Parliamentary Party of the victorious group chose its leader and present its candidature for Prime Ministership.

"If BJP is going to make dynastic politics versus democracy one of the main issues in the forthcoming elections, then it will have to adopt this ideological stand on Prime Ministership. It should start a debate on this point within the party," it said.


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