"The action was not taken by the NDA. The CBI told the Supreme Court that it would file an FIR and that is how this case has come into being," Gurumurthy said.
"All this happened during 2007 and the DMK was in power as part of the UPA. My case is based on facts and I have nothing against Maran," Gurumurthy said.
Tracing the origins of the case, Gurumurthy said he wrote thrice to CBI on the illegal telephone exchange and later moved the Apex court.
"I went to Supreme Court in 2012 and in January 2014 the CBI told court it would file an FIR and at that time the UPA was in power," he said.
"I want him to be prosecuted. No doubt. I was writing to CBI and went to the Supreme Court and all this is true. It is not correct to say that NDA government started work."
Earlier today, Maran had charged that the CBI was trying to "fix" him to "please an RSS ideologue from Tamil Nadu."

"How could the question of misuse of CBI arise? he asked and added that Maran was trying to fool the media and the country by his claims.
"In fact I am not happy with NDA government on this issue. The case was prolonged by six months. It should have acted the next day," he said.
"It is an open and shut case and it does not require great evidence. I am surprised the NDA did not proceed expeditiously on this issue."

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