Bhopal: The long kept silence of the farmers came to an end on Monday when Bharatiya Kisan Sangh led a state-wide protest demanding hike in the procurement price of their produce the absence of which has been pushing them in the girth of unending debts as they are unable to realize even the input cost of the crop.

The farmers who had thronged the streets of Delhi and Bhopal ten months back held demonstrations at four district headquarters of the state on Monday.

The government had then accepted all of their demands in order to contain their movement, but most of them proved to be mere promises.

To invite a firm decision on their demands, the RSS-backed Bharatiya Kisan Sangh has once again launched a ‘Halla Bol’ agitation. RSS leader Darshan Singh threatened to take the movement at block level after the Diwali.

In order to create political pressure on the government, a team of the farmers’ union presented a memorandum to eminent BJP leader LK Advani in Hoshangabad.

The memorandum claims that the farmers do not get the real value for their produce which has forced them into unending debts. Moreover, three recent farmer suicides due to huge debts show the seriousness of the situation.

The farmers told Advani that the situation is critical across the nation and requested him to raise the issue in the Parliament.

The memorandum says the fertilizer rates have risen twice this year while the petrol and diesel rates have jumped five times, but the input cost given to the farmers has remained the same. Also, the crop insurance policy has also been a complete failure as huge amount of farmers’ money has been stuck.

The Centre has allotted less fertilizers to the states due to which the farmers are not getting their due. The traders have been involved in black marketing of fertilizers while the agriculture department has failed to control them.

Also, the soyabean harvest has been damaged this season while the agricultural production has been limited to 1-1.5 quintals per acre. The farmers have demanded to raise the relief fund given to the farmers from the meager Rs 2,000 per hectare to Rs 15,000 per hectare.

Meanwhile, the state government has been indulged in talks with the Kisan Sangh and some good news can be expected after Diwali.

The state government has assured the farmers that the electricity rates will be set on the Gujarat pattern in the state. Also, speculations are ripe that the government can also wave the unpaid loans of the farmers.

(JPN/ Bureau)