Gurgaon: In a new twist to the Gurgaon murder case, main accused Sumit Bhuttal and Meera Chopra turned out to be relatives and have known each other since childhood. The fact was revealed by Sumit’s mother Kiran during the Court proceedings. Meera is also the cousin of leading Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

A local court on Friday sent Sumit to Bhondsi jail on a 14 day judicial remand. A share broker by profession, Sumit claimed that he had not murdered his wife Ruchi, and she had committed suicide. Meanwhile, the efforts of the police team to trace Tollywood actress Meera went in vain.

During the Court proceedings it was revealed that Meera and Sumit were relatives. Meera is Sumit’s niece and the two had regular interactions with each other for past many years. Even the talks of their marriage had cropped up, but the issue could not be finalised as they are distant relatives.

While probing into the matter, the police team is studying Ruchi’s diary to collect any further evidence or a clue linked with the case. Ruchi, who committed suicide on June 28, cited troubled marriage as a reason for death in her personal diary.

The DLF phase two resident Ruchi, died in suspicious circumstances on Tuesday. The deceased's family has accused her husband Sumit of torturing her for dowry and having an affair with Meera even after six years of marriage.

Ruchi’s mother Sudha Gupta has alleged that Sumit has murdered her and later hanged her from the fan to show it as a suicide. Police had filed a case of dowry death against Sumit.