Gurgaon: Tollywood actress Meera Chopra, cousin of Priyanka Chopra, who is said to be involved in the death of share broker Ruchi Bhuttani, may be arrested by the Gurgaon police. Ruchi, who committed suicide on June 28, cited troubled marriage as a reason for death in her personal diary. Ruchi’s husband Sumit is also under the police scanner.

Sumit admitted his wife Ruchi to Max Hospital saying that she had committed suicide. The hospital staff, however, announced that she was brought dead. Later, when her relatives arrived at the hospital they found Sumit absconding.

According to Ruchi’s mother, “Sumit had an affair with Meera Chopra before marrying off her daughter. Everything was going smoothly after the marriage, but after some months he again got in touch with Meera, which led to frequent brawls between the husband and wife.”

She also revealed that on the night of her daughter’s death, both had a fight and ultimately Ruchi was strangulated to death. Later, Sumit hanged her to hide his crime.

Ruchi’s mother also accused Meera of spoiling her daughter’s marriage life that led to her death.
The police have registered a dowry case against Sumit and filed a complaint against Meera under IPC Section 120 B.

According to the police, Meera’s interference into the spousal life of Sumit and Ruchi led to the latter’s death.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Maheshwar Dayal said, “Sumit has admitted that keeping relationship with Meera ruined his marriage life. He also accepted that he beat Ruchi after which she hanged herself.”