Witnessing hoopla over myriads of outstanding issues that have almost hamstrung the proceedings, the Parliament has bumped into another hurdle of FDI in retail sectors. In a rare show of solidarity, a combined Opposition along with allies of the UPA government have took cudgels against the decision of giving green signal to FDI in retail. The majority of the House has joined the chorus of a protest against the government’s move. The ruling party itself is accountable for such hue and cry as it should have taken into confidence of all parties for this big decision. The government had neither talk with political parties nor any association of farmers and traders in this context. The way the Trinamool Congress has made high-decibel protest against the move, vividly indicates that UPA could not bother to huddle with its alliance to mull over the FDI in retail.

It cannot be ruled out that the foreign direct investment in the retail sector is a need of the hour. In fact this decision was taken of late, but it does not mean that without making conducive environment and taking views of the Opposition into consideration, the Centre should give go-ahead over the entry of FDI in retail. The government’s move is no less than a big jolt especially for retail business. That’s why the Opposition is taking advantage and playing politics over it. It is quite irony that such a big decision was taken during the course of the House proceeding, and it was announced outside the Parliament. The government should now come forward to discuss it comprehensively, because farmers and retail traders do have strong reservations about it. It is highly significant that the Centre should make arrangement for safeguarding the interests of retailers.  The government should ensure, retailers and farmers are not affected with arrival of foreign companies in the retail sector. The ruling party as well as the Opposition should think earnestly over the proceedings of the House without making any disruption. If the Parliament is stalled, the development activities of the nation will be affected, where hosts of important bills need to be passed for impetus to the economy of the country.