Slamming Modi for the language used by the Gujarat CM in his speeches, Chavan said that the Gujarat Chief Minister should spell out his views on issues like foreign and economic policies, but there has not been a single statement on these matters.
"I would like him to articulate his vision for the country, whether it is the popular theme of BJP like the Ram Mandir issue, Uniform Civil Code and Article 370. Also what is his vision about foreign policy, Pakistan - what is his vision about the economy, natural resources… there has not been a single statement on this. Just to say that a particular state has done well does not give confidence," Chavan said.
He was talking to reporters at an Indian Women Press Corps event.
Chavan noted that running the state without any coalition was different from running a coalition government, which requires a ‘different temperament’.
" Modi has won elections, Modi has ruled Gujarat, but it's different in coalition. Running a coalition is a different cup of tea compared to running a single party government. I have doubts whether the gentleman can
successfully run (a coalition government). A different temperament is required," Chavan said.
He said a ‘new paradigm’ can be seen because opposition parties normally never projected prime ministerial candidate before elections. But this time, it has, the former Union Minister said.


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