New Delhi: In a significant development, the government on Thursday rejected the recommendations of the National Advisory Council (NAC) - led by UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi - regarding land acquisition for development and industrial projects.

Terming the recommendations  ‘appropriate but difficult to implement’, the Rural Development Ministry has decided to go ahead with the previous Land Acquisition Bill, which would be sent to the Law Ministry for preparation of the final draft.

The amendment Bill is likely to be tabled in the Parliament in the upcoming monsoon session. Evidently, the government has decided to persist with the 70:30 formulae.

Rural Development Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, while speaking to Jagran said, the recommendations of NAC were ‘in principle correct but difficult to implement’.

“Government has little time to implement the policies, making it difficult to follow NAC recommendations as the Bill will be tabled in the Parliament in monsoon session,” Deshmukh said adding that the government is determined to fulfill its promises.

Talking about the 70:30 formulae, he said, “hundred percent acquisitions would not have been accepted by people, so we have stick to the 70:30 formulae.” In contrary, the NAC had recommended 100 percent acquisition by the government.

As the ‘land’ is a State Subject, the state government would have the liberty to amend the Land Acquisition Act as per their need to attract investments in their states.

Notably, the NAC had recommended the Ministry to frame a new Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Bill, but the Ministry decided to accommodate such provisions in the Land Acquisition Act itself.