In a startling disclosure, the government survey on income and expenditure has revealed that half of the rural population of the country is living in abject poverty. According to the survey, about 60 percent of India's rural population lives on less than Rs 35 a day. A similar situation prevails in underdeveloped countries like Africa. This indicates that our policies are confined to certain areas only. Do our policy makers realize the gravity of the situation? More so as the Planning Commission and some economic analysts are of the view that RS 30-40 a day is enough for a living. Surprisingly, the government has been a mute spectator to all this. The Apex Court did raise objections over the report of the Planning Commission but this opposition should have come from the Centre and not the Supreme Court. Mere words by the government will not improve the condition of the poor but a strong political will is required in this direction.

It is true that the government has launched several public welfare projects which demand heavy investments but in reality they too have proved to be a failure. It rather looks like the government is only trying to strengthen its vote bank by initiating such projects. The Centre in the past has been denying similar facts revealed in different surveys but this time it is caught in a fix as this data has been revealed by none other than the government body, National Sample Survey. This is severely denting India’s image but the government is unwilling to face it. It has failed on several fronts. In the last four years rising inflation has hit the common man hard but the government has only made excuses rather than providing any relief to the people.