Los Angeles: British comedian and actor Russell Brand likes to wear his wife Katy Perry's clothes in public.

Brand likes wearing his wife's garments, even in public, attending a recent yoga class in a small T-shirt and sweatpants borrowed from her, according to reports.

"He admitted he was wearing Katy's clothes and that she doesn't mind. He said, 'Women's clothes fit better!' and added, 'What's hers is mine!," a source said.

Brand famous for wearing skinny jeans and make-up, has previously admitted to stealing garments from Perry before they got married in India in October 2010.

"I take anything of hers that I find lying about. I'm wearing a t-shirt of hers and a sock that's so small my toes are scrunched up," he had said.

The couple is currently preparing to return to India for a romantic break over New Year as they have spent so much time apart recently, with Perry on her California Dreams World Tour and Russell working on various film projects.