Putin has suggested some degree of U.S. culpability in the aftermath of the incident, even hinting that the United States might have given detailed Russian operational plans to Turkey ahead of time.

Addressing reporters in Moscow on Thursday, Putin said "we informed our American partners" about when and where Russian aircraft would be operating. It was 'precisely' then that the Turkish air force shot down the Russian warplane, Putin said.

Turkey's shoot-down of the Russian jet was one of the most serious clashes between a NATO member and Russia, and raised the stakes in Syria's nearly five-year old civil war.

US led coalition forces have struck Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. They accuse Moscow of focussing its firepower mainly on opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a longtime Russian ally.

Moscow insists the jet never left Syrian air space. The incident has worsened the outlook for the Syrian peace process, dashing recent optimism following the Group of 20 meeting in Turkey.

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