Envisaging close consultation between the two External Affairs Ministries on as many as 17 issues, ranging from Asia-Pacific to West Asia to West Europe to Latin America as also at various multilateral forum like UN, G20, BRICS, SCO, RIC, the two nations signed, 'Protocol for consultations between the Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for the period 2015-2016'.

Moving on Laying down provisions and procedures for training courses in military educational and training establishments; which will facilitate better understanding between the two defence forces , 'Agreement for Training of Indian Armed Forces Personnel in the Military Educational Establishments of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation,' was undertaken by the two nations.

Meanwhile, unveiling a road map of bilateral cooperation in the civil nuclear energy sector for the next two decades, the pact for 'Strategic Vision for Strengthening Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy between the Republic of India and the Russian Federation' was inked.     

In order to streamline provisions/terms of information exchange between the nuclear agencies of both the countries which will provide an impetus to scientific and technological cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, 'Provisions for the Technical Data and Information Nondisclosure in the framework of cooperation in the field of Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy' was also signed in the recently concluded official visit.

Meanwhile, setting out a concrete programme for cooperation, envisaging projects including joint exploration and production of hydrocarbons, long term LNG supplies and joint study of a hydrocarbon pipeline system connecting Russia with India, a deal of ' Programme of Cooperation (POC) under Framework of Inter-governmental Agreement for Enhancement of Cooperation in Oil and Gas in 2015-16,' was also inked.

Further aiming at development of accreditation systems, sharing of information, recognition of test reports, and creation of conditions for the elimination of technical barriers in trade and economic cooperation, MoU between Quality Council of India (QCI) and Federal Accreditation Service of Russian Federation on technical cooperation on accreditation was made.

Moreover, keeping in mind the areas of health research such as oncology, bioinformatics and bioimaging, neurosciences, new generation vaccine research and research in HIV/AIDS was also called for between the two countries.

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