Moscow: Aircraft maker Irkut has delivered the first two Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter aircraft to the Russian Air Force, the company said.

Flight testing of the multirole fighter jet began around two months ago, following the first flight of the Su-30SM Sep 21, Irkut said.

"It is significant that the aircraft is in series production, and will enter air force service not in ones and twos but in squadrons," said Maj. Gen. Alexander Karchevsky, commander of the air force's Gagarin and Zhukovsky training academy.

The Su-30SM is the latest development of the twin seat Su-30SM jet fighter family, itself a derivative of the long serving single seat Sukhoi Su-30SM, one of the air force's most important warplanes.

The new aircraft has an improved radar, communications and identification friend or foe system, new ejection seat and new weapons. It also has thrust vectoring engine nozzles and canard foreplanes, providing super maneuverability at low airspeeds.

The contract between the defence ministry and Irkut for 30 of the new jets by 2015 was signed in March.


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