Moscow: The Russian military has successfully test-launched two intercontinental nuclear-capable missiles, the defense ministry sources said.

The Bulava missiles were fired from a submarine in the White Sea on Russia's northwest coast and the test "went as planned," Lieutenant Colonel Igor Konashenkov told Russian news agency.

The missiles hit their targets on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean, he said. The firing marks the fourth successful launch this year From the Yury Dolgoruky, which was built to carry the missile.
In all, 18 Bulava missile tests have been carried out since 2005 but only 11 of those were successful.

The latest Russian missile can travel at least 8,000 kilometers and is equipped to carry multiple warheads that can each maneuver to hit separate targets.

Bulava, also known as the Mace or SS-NX-30, is meant to come with age and under agreements with the United States.