Tyumen (Agencies): Russia plans to open a museum dedicated to the family of its last Emperor Nicholas II in the city of Tyumen in 2013.

The city launched the preparations for the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov, the press service of the Tobolsk authorities informed.

The only Romanov Royal family museum beyond the Ural Mountains will be opened by this date. The discussions were already held with the leadership of the Romanov Royal Family Foundation and the agreements were reached to help in filling the museum exposition with the objects connected with the family of the last Russian emperor.

The museum will be located at the former house of Tobolsk governors. The family of the abdicated emperor was moved to this house on August 6 in 1917. The Provisional Government considered Tobolsk as "a quiet and calm place." The family was lodged on the second floor. A dining room and rooms for servants were situated on the first floor.

Members of the Romanov family were prohibited to come out in the city, but their life in Tobolsk was quite calm. They were walking in the house yard in the daytime and were playing gorodki or cutting the firewood. They were playing various games, staging small plays, reading books and attempting to diversify the isolated life in long evenings.

Post October Revolution, the life of the royal family became much tough.

On April 26 in 1918, the Romanov royal family was sent to the last exile in Yekaterinburg, where they were executed in Ipatiyev's house overnight to July 17 in the same year.

Apart from the new museum, the parade square and the Alexandrovsky garden will be put in order by the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov.