Moscow: Russia's election body on Friday declared Premier Vladimir Putin's ruling United Russia party as the winner of the Parliamentary polls, as the capital braced for a massive rally on Saturday challenging the just concluded exercise amid charges of mass irregularities and ballot rigging.
In a televised sitting of the Central Election Commission (CEC), its Chairman Vladimir Churov signed the official results declaring the United Russia party bagged 238 seats in the 450-strong sixth Duma elected for five years.
In the wake of anti-incumbency wave it lost absolute majority by losing 77 seats.
The runners-up the Communist Party (KPRF) won 92 seats followed by A Just Russia with 64 and Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) with 56 seats respectively.
Remaining three parties in the fray including liberal Yabloko failed to clear 7 percent threshold to get seats in the lower house on the proportionate basis.
While signing the finals results at least one member of the CEC recorded his 'special view' on the poll outcome, while the representative of the Communist Party demanded the resignation of Churov in view of numerous reports of fraud and ballot rigging stoking wave of protests across the nation.
On Saturday, a mass protest rally has been organised in Moscow and the opposition is holding protest demonstrations in at least two dozen Russian cities seeking fresh elections and Churov's resignation.
Russian opposition leaders will hold, what they claim is the biggest countrywide rallies on Saturday to seek fresh polls of the State Duma in view of alleged rigging by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's United Russia Party in last weekend's parliamentary elections.