London: The ‘Gosford Park’ star Ryan Phillipe is yearning to look older. Phillipe at thirty six feels like a vampire as he cannot get rid of his youthful appearance despite attempts to look mature.

He also admitted that he was really disappointed with the way he was portrayed on internet.
According to the star, "I used to Google myself but it can send you into an abyss of despair and self-hatred. People paint me like a playboy or as a cad which I'm not. I'm a real regular decent dude."

The Hollywood star, who has daughter Ava and 11 and seven-year-old son Deacon with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon cannot understand how he has managed to look young even after having vices like drinking and smoking.

Phillipe said, "It's weird, I feel like a vampire. I do take care of myself, but I drink a fair bit and I still smoke, which I shouldn't. I've tried to age myself but it's not working.”