Sabarimala: Rahul Eashwar, grandson of Sabarimala temple head priest, on Wednesday said that he will seek legal recourse after his grandfather was allegedly abused by the Travancore Devasom Board (TDB).

TDB is the body that looks after the day to day administration of this temple.

'As per the religious tradition of this temple, the thantri is the last word in all religious matters and the TDB has no voice in this matter. I will approach the High Court against the manner in which the TDB behaved with my grandfather,' Eashwar said.

Trouble started on Tuesday after Eashwar along with his grandfather Kandararu Maheswaru arrived near the sanctum sanctorum but Eashwar was prevented from entering by the officials of the TDB citing that rules do not permit him to enter the sanctum santorum.

According to TDB officials, Eashwar, has no right to enter the hallowed place of the temple because he does not have the right to do so.

The rules of the temple state that only the thantri's son's son are eligible and Eashwar is the thantri's daughter's son and hence he is 'ineligible'.

TDB president M.Rajagopalan Nair said: 'The thantri and the rituals all come under the TDB and there is no way that Eashwar can enter the temple or take part in the poojas.'

An emotionally charged thantri broke down while speaking to reporters and said nothing will happen to the religious sentiments of this temple if Eashwar is allowed in.

Sabarimala is one of the most famous Hindu pilgrim centres in India.