Parading as a film that looks into the psyche of the hypocritical Indians who don’t talk about sex, the movie goes on to become nothing more than a crass joke itself as it tries dealing with everything about sex, adultery, condoms, bisexuals, etc, etc.
The story, if you must know, is about a bunch of horny youngsters who have gathered together in a house for a party. The host, who’s an RJ by profession (played by an overconfident dude), decides to make a movie on them and their intimate secrets. As their conversation progresses, a lot of secrets are revealed. This could have been an interesting concept, if only the dialogues and the execution weren’t so immature, insensitive and haphazard.
There are some unbelievably tacky scenes, for instance, in one of them a woman claims to recognise gays by the kind of handkerchiefs they carry! Add to this unbelievably crass dialogues like ‘Koi tumhare oopar chadhega toh tum career me oopar chadhoge…’ and ‘aap ka earthworm kabhi saap nahi banega…’ and the movie gets to be absolutely cringe-worthy through its duration.

If the idea was to titillate under the garb of being liberal about our hypocritical moral values, then it gets lost somewhere in the melee of sick, crude jokes as well as bad performances and awful, jerky camera movements.


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