Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati seems to have got no respite in the Deputy CMO YS Sachan case, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the Lucknow jail, as after the Human Rights Commission, the National Scheduled Caste Commission has also sent a notice to the state government to respond by July.   

Meanwhile, the state government has sent a five-page report to the Human Rights Commission and the state department officials are preparing the draft which has to be forwarded to the Central Government.

After meeting the family members of Sachan, National Scheduled Caste Commission Chairman and Congress MP Dr PL Punia said, “The commission has the right to take the cognizance of the issues of the backward class and so we are going to take up Sachan’s case.” Even though the government is not ready to accept it, the prima facie evidence indicates that he was murdered in the jail, he added.

Punia said, “UP Cabinet Secretary has mentioned about the recovery of a blade and the autopsy report says that there was a 9 cm deep wound. So, it becomes obvious that how the blade can leave a 9 cm deep wound, while the blade is banned in the prison.”

He said, “The government must explain the exact reason of Sachan’s death, as the family members are not satisfied with the investigation going on.”

(JPN/ Bureau)