Sachin will be retiring after playing his 200th Test, starting on Thursday, and Ajit said it would be a different feeling once he hangs up his boots.
"On the afternoon of November 18, it would be a different feeling. All of us in the family, we dream about his we have shared. That will end, but it is finishing on a happy note. Most of his dreams have come true. I believe he has fulfilled the dreams of the Indian fans," said Ajit during 'Salaam Sachin', an event organised in honour of the iconic batsman.
"After November 18, Sachin won't wear his India cap. It will be a big change because he has been wearing it with pride for 24 years. Throughout his career, everyone expected him to score 100s and he was under tremendous stress and pressure, but all that has been worth. After retirement, there won't be the bowlers to face or those work-outs. Perhaps he can eat as much butter chicken as he wants," he added.
Ajit walked down memory lane and remembered his younger brother's early playing days, his millionaire status, their father's demise, his best innings in international cricket and life after retiring.
Sachin had become a millionaire at a very young age but for Ajit he was a millionaire only when he scored runs.
"For me he was a millionaire only when he got hundreds. He wasn't one if he did not score. There was a charm in travelling in auto after he scored runs. But, travelling in a BMW after he didn't scoring wasn't all that good. At home, we spoke about his runs and not his money. After all these records, I can say, he is a millionaire forever," said Ajit.
Sachin's family has always tried to stay away from watching him live in action but Ajit said this time he along with the other members will watch him play as it is their last chance.


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