"I watch cricket live every day India plays. There is a website which I subscribe to. I have never met Sachin. The only cricketer I met was Sourav Ganguly and I have known Kapil Dev through golf," said the 39-year-old Chopra, who spent a lot of his childhood days in Delhi.
"Sachin is the greatest sportsman India has ever produced and there is not even a close second. He will take the gold, silver and bronze medal in that category and it is incredible.
"His cricketing skills are tremendous but you also have to admire his strength of his mind. I mean to be able to live with the pressures of the whole country and we all know how emotional Indian fans can be, if India loses badly in a test series, houses gets burnt and it is horrible. So it is difficult to play abroad worrying about what is happening back home. To live with that kind of pressure for so many years is incredible," he said.
Chopra further added: "When he knows that the fate of entire team's rests on his shoulders for good 15 years, even though there was Rahul Dravid and Ganguly, it is his responsibility to play well because he is the guy, the anchor and that mental strength, that one aspect is god-like. Everybody calls him god and I think that is ridiculous but that type of mental strength is super human."
Tendulkar is currently playing his 199th Test in Eden Gardens, Kolkata and would be retiring after his landmark 200th match in Mumbai against the West Indies, bringing to an end a glorious 24-year stint in international cricket.


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